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Ghanzi Camping Thakadu Ghanzi Botswana

Welcome to Ghanzi Camping Thakadu, enjoy a stay at Ghanzi Camping Thakadu in the Ghanzi area of Botswana, all the information you need about accommodation prices how to book a room and directions to Ghanzi Camping Thakadu Ghanzi Botswana. See you soon.



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Welcome to Ghanzi Camping Thakadu


The idea of Thakadu camp came about over a number of boozy evenings around the table on kabakae farm in the early 1990’s. A site was chosen at a lovely pan on the limestone ridge which runs through the property. The ancient Leadwood trees which thrive on this ridge have provided us with natural shade for the campsites and accommodation.

places to stay in Ghanzi

The Pan naturally holds water for a few months after rain but we supplement this to provide a waterhole throughout the year. Thakadu opened Easter 1999 and quickly became a favourite dining place and watering hole for the local farming community as well as for the weary traveller. Thakadu is now managed by Chris and Jeanette Woolcott and offers reasonably priced accommodation in a lovely natural setting.

places to stay in Ghanzi
places to stay in Ghanzi

The San activities at Thakadu centre around a loosely knit group of Nai Nai bushmen who come mostly from the central areas of the CKGR, The population of which became the basis for the settlement of Xade and ultimately New Xade. The name Nai Nai translates directly as “people of the bush” thus they consider themselves to be the true bushmen. To walk with these bushmen and witness their skills as gatherers and trackers firsthand, is a revelation not easily forgotten and if requested are available for traditional dances in the evening around the fire. There are sadly no bushmen living a completely traditional way of life in Botswanas Kalahari anymore, but many still have their traditional skills which supplement a life of general dependency in the settlements.

Thakadu Pan
, as it is a natural calcrete pan of extraordinary beauty surrounded by ancient and enormous Leadwood trees and frequented but large numbers of Kalahari game,including a wonderful variety of both resident and migrant brids. We also work closely with Cheetha Conservation Botswana to reduce predator/human conflict.


We have a number of lovely campsites situated in a Leadwood cove serviced by two ablution blocks. The campsites are all provided with 220V power points, portable water and a braai (barbecue) pit. Campsites differ is sizes can can take up to 25 campers per campsite.


Facilities at Thakadu Camp include:


Bar and Restaurant:
We have a well stocked bar, which is a popular waterhole by the waterhole. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be ordered from the chef's a’ la carte menu, including a selection of game meat at reasonable prices and a selection of wines is available. There is something quite special about winning and dinning in the bush, as small herds of kudu, eland, impala, wildebeest and warthog come to the floodlit waterhole to drink, graze and paly.

Swimming pool:

A unique split-level swimming pool with a waterfall, ideal for adults and children was build above the ground because the rock is so hard and this can be a great attractions as temperatures sometimes creep into the 40's and has the added atvantage of overlooking the waterhole.


Guided San Bushman walks, Unguided marked walking trails. Gamedrives (including night drives), horse trails and Bushman dances are available but should preferably be organised in advance. We undertake guided Safaris countrywide for up 4 people but specialise in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Tsodilo Hills.


The Central Kalahari Game Reserve:

The Centeral Kalahari Game Reserve at 51,800 sq/km is one of the largest reserves in the world. It has only been open to the general public from the early nineties, as it was always considered too remote. It is now however serviced by 4wd accessible roads and with the advent of GPS is a rugged and awe inspiring destination for those who seek a truly remote and wild experience.

places to stay in Ghanzi

Although one may not experience the concentrations of wildlife found in other national parks the range of desert adapted wildlife is extraordinary and after the rains antelope may congregate in their thousands especially in the valleys.these are of course followed by the inevitable predators including Leopard, cheetah,wild dogs,brown hyaena and the famous and enormous black maned Kalahari lions.To see giraffe in the Centeral Kalahari Game Reserve is a unique they dominate the skyline even at considerable distances.

Ghanzi Camping Thakadu Room Price Guide

Prices are staring prices given as a guide only, actual price may vary depending on availability.

Room Description
Prices are per person per night
Camping per person
P 90.00
Children under 12 years
P 45.00

Payment information

A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation with balance payable 10 weeks before your travel date. Bank transfer, credit and debit cards accepted for pre-bookings. Paypal available on request.

Photos of Ghanzi Camping Thakadu

Ghanzi Camping Thakadu

Ghanzi Camping Thakadu

Ghanzi Camping Thakadu

Ghanzi Camping Thakadu

Ghanzi Camping Thakadu

Ghanzi Camping Thakadu

Directions to Ghanzi Camping Thakadu

Where to find Thakadu Camp:

Thakadu Camp and Safaris is situated near Ghanzi Village on a private game reserve in the land of the “Khoi San” or Bushmen. Situated 670 Km. from Gaborone, 500Km. from Windhoek and 280Km from Maun. Previously extremely remote, Ghanzi is now served by the new Trans Kalahari Highway which was completed in the late nineties. The turn off to Thakadu is clearly sign posted 3km south of Ghanzi. A three km rocky trail will bring you to the reception. Although quite rough, the road is negotiable by even the lowest 2WD'"S.

Thakadu overlooks a natural pan with permanent wate, surrounded by ancient. “motswiri” or leadwood trees.The pan attracts large numbers of Kalahari Game and a Fabulous variety of birds.Thakadu was opened in early 1999 with a view to providing affordable accommodation and camping in as natural as possible a Kalahari setting.

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