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Tsodilo Hills

Tsodilo Hills


Camping at Tsodilo Hills

A world heritage site, the four rock formations of the Tsodilo Hills are a unique and unusual place to visit. 400 or so roak paintings dot the rocks a local guide can take you to the best examples or you can just wander around and look for them - look on the shady weather protecetd side of large rocks. Take plenty water is is always hot among the hills and there are no services available.


It is possible to stay overnight among the Tsodilo Hills a well wothwhile experience as the quiet atmosphere is very mystical also the lack of lights anywhere nearby brings the stars and night sky so close it feels like you can reach out and grab a star, not difficult to imagine why the Bushman of old regarded the place as sacred.


Only camping is available and you have to take everything, basically you can camp anywhere around the hills in any clear spot, there is no water/ablutions/supplies/firewood so bring everything access is ONLY by 4WD and currently it is free of charge - donations accepted at the visitors centre

There are rumours that charges may be introduced at some point.


Day visits are possible from Shakawe 53km away but a 4wd is required, (see below for Shakawe accommodation)







Places to stay in Shakawe - 53km from Tsodilo Hills

Accommodation & Camping

Drotskys Cabins Shakawe Okavango Panhandle

places to stay in Shakawe Okavango Panhandle

This long-established camp is a very well run family business, Drotsky's Cabins are situated on the banks of the Okavango, overlooking the wide river, dotted with floating papyrus reeds. It offers comfortable bungalows with an authentic atmosphere. The campsite is very popular and bookings are essential.
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Lawdons Lodge Shakawe Okavango Panhandle

places to stay in Shakawe Okavango Panhandle

A relatively new luxury lodge near Shakawe on the western Okavango Delta the name is combined from first three letters of names of the owner's sons: LAWrence and DONavan. All the deluxe chalets and restaurant are raised one and a half meters off the ground to allow the high flood waters to surround the lodge without disturbing the local habitat or the guests. A place to relax in comfort while surrounded by the wildlife, birds and natural peacefulness of the Okavango Delta.
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